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Let’s expose the biggest lie of the twenty first century:

“Simply put together a website, add ten plr articles, put a link on the website, sitback, relax and watch the money flowing in! “

I still doesn’t understand why people create such scams. The saddest part is that most of the new marketers fall for this trap. I myself had the experience of falling for some of such get rich quick scams.

Dear reader, if you are new to affiliate marketing, let me be the first one to tell you that affiliate marketing is not as easy as one might think.If you are into affiliate marketing because you think it is a get rich quick scheme or because you think you can make money without much efforts, you are WRONG.

Affiliate marketing is hell a lot of work and if done right, yes, it gives you hell a lot of money too. But you shouldn’t expect instantaneous results from getting started right now. Like any other things in life, affiliate marketing also takes a decent degree of practice before you can reach the top level.

But if you are determined, ready to do more than what is required, ready to work hard, ready to go that extra mile, then this book will give you some killer tactics to win the affiliate competition and make money online. This book is aimed at internet marketing beginners and teaches you some killer ideas which the so called gurus never teach you.

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Clickbank Marketing Tools