Authority Positioning: How to become the Leader in Your Niche…




Learn the Secret to Becoming a Trusted Authority… Authority Positioning allows you to be viewed as the trusted and valued expert in your business niche. Your positioning determines how your clients view you, whether or not they trust you, and if they will choose to do business with you. Use the Seven Millionaire Moves outlined in this book to develop Authority Positioning for yourself so you can achieve massive success! In this book you will discover: The 7 Millionaire Moves and how to use each one to position yourself as the expert in the eyes of your clients… The 3 Most Powerful and Effective marketing strategies that will put you ahead of your competition… The Top 4 Ingredients for Success that reveal exactly what it takes to have a winning business… The must-do multipliers that catapult your authority to stratospheric levels… and much, much more…