Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR: The Biggest Podcasting Myths Busted – and the Shocking Truths about Podcasting …



I host two podcasts now. But when I was just getting started with podcasting, I didn’t just want to be a Podcaster. I’m talking about wanting to be a PodcaSTAR. Small play on the word, but huge difference in meaning and impact!
Before I got started with my own podcast, one of the star attractions of podcasting was seeing Pat Flynn ( and John Lee Dumas ( put out crazy monthly income reports, where they were making gobs of money each month via their podcasts.
And then came Tim Ferriss with his 60 Million Downloads!
But more than the money itself, what truly blew me away was the kind of raving fans and engaged audiences they were building, which pretty much allowed them to point that massive audience’s attention to whatever it was they were promoting.
Affiliate links? BOOM!
New book launches? BOOM!
Selling Journals with blank pages?? DOUBLE BOOM!

They could just say the word, and get their massive audience to take massive action.
That’s the kind of influence I craved.
But after closely following – and intently listening – to podcasting veterans like Dave Jackson of the, Daniel J Lewis of and Cliff Ravenscraft of, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
After all, I had been in the online business world selling digital products and doing digital marketing for over 18 years. I had even written a category best-seller called “No Business Like E-Business” back in 2007. And I am the Co-founder & Co-developer of a leading membership plugin since 2008. So of course, I knew what it took, and I could coast through it all, right?
*insert harsh sound of buzzer here*
Oh, how I was wrong!
Podcasting is nothing like selling a digital product, but is still everything like selling a digital product.
Yup, that’s how much of a contradiction podcasting is.
Podcasting is hard. Churning out great content week after week, the research, the editing, the uploading, creating a page for it on your site and optimizing it, then promoting it… all of that is hard. It gets even harder when there simply aren’t any tools to measure a lot of the key metrics – like how many people that downloaded your episode actually listened to it, how long did they listen, ability to track ROI on paid advertising when it comes to converting clicks to listeners to subscribers – a lot of that is not possible right now.
Podcasting takes a lot of passion, knowledge & persistence to do it long-enough and well-enough to build authority and influence – and most importantly, a lot of marketing – to get the word out and build a legion of raving fans.
So in this book, I lay bare my soul, open my heart, and lay it all out on the table: Everything I’ve learned from doing my own show a while now, and more importantly, everything I’ve learned NOT to do, thanks to being a podcasting super-junkie who listens to podcasts ALL the time – whether I’m grocery shopping, waiting to pick up my kids, on a walk with my dog, on a run, and even when lying with my mouth wide open at the dentist’s table.