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Cut to the Chase: The best sites to learn how to build & sell online – is a guide to 380+ blogs that will help you learn about the internet, social media, social media marketing, blogging, and how to build an online website, just for starters. Those are big buckets that hold a lot of water, if you know what I mean. It can save you money and time.

Cut to the Chase is the best way to get up to speed quickly on social media networking, social media marketing strategy, blogging and blog tools and plug-ins, how to build an e-commerce website, and SEO and conversion optimization. You have to be on top of it to make money and it’s not rocket science. This guide links you to the information and resources you need much like the Table of Contents of any e-Book except it’s way more comprehensive and interactive.

Why not go to DIFFERENT EXPERTS as opposed to relying on the knowledge of one individual. Sometimes you need a brief overview and other times you need detailed how-to steps. Sometimes it’s easier for you to read about a topic but other times it’s quicker to learn from a YouTube video. Everyone needs something a little bit different that caters to their learning style and application. It may be an e-commerce site, a blog, a vlog, advertising or affiliate programs, marketing content or social media marketing. You’ll need a WEB TOOLBOX with the proper tools to help you build, optimize or sell and this guide is YOUR TOOLBOX.

You may want to start a home-business and need a blog to make some money. You may already be a small business entrepreneur and need to boost your online image with social media marketing and advertising. You may be working for a large enterprise and need some leadership tools. This guide will lead you to 380+ resources on a range of topics from blogging to entrepreneurship to social media to web marketing. The index is comprehensive and covers WordPress, Plug-in tools, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, email, content marketing, SEO, affiliates and advertising, web tools, blogging, e-commerce, marketing, selling, advertising, AdSense programs, SEO and analytics, etc. It’s a pretty long list of topics that you can pick from and it’s all in this toolbox.

> how and when to engage on social media networks
> how to sell your brand and drive business to your website
> how to get traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest
> how to use YouTube, Hangouts on Air, Google Sites, Blogger & WordPress
> how to design & build a blog, a website, or an eCommerce retail store

FIND SHORTCUTS, FREE TEMPLATES, APPS, TOOLS & TIPS for startups, product launches, social media posts, advertising and PR, blogging, and more.