Ebook Shadows: In the Shadow of every Ebook is a profitable business waiting to be born….




Lucrative Business Opportunities are hidden in the shadows of every non-fiction ebook. Can you see them? Can you find them? Can you use them? This small thought provoking book will open your mind to the potential of almost any ebook. If the niche topic was worthy of a book, then there is a profitable business waiting to be discovered. A ‘must have’ business expansion strategy that every non-fiction, niche topic ebook writer should have in his possession… a process of successfully identifying, validating and mining a niche. Designed to make you think, recognize opportunity, and take steps to take advantage. Evaluate your book’s subject and depth using creative growth ideas and strategies: •The Iceberg Test… what lies under the surface? •Build Your Business: Step by step ideas to find ways to build and grow your idea. •Develop Enthusiastic Customers: Attract fans and develop long term relationships. •Create a Powerful Brand: Gradually build a powerful brand that serves as a foundation for a great business. •Innovate New Products and Services: Create a culture of innovation and think constantly about new product and expansion ideas. A brief look at… •finding new, creative ways to attract and retain customers •building extraordinary profits from seemingly obscure niches •providing a comprehensive guide to starting your own niche web business •exploiting untapped niche markets •great tools and techniques as well as a new perspective •creative and strategic marketing strategies. •effective ways to grow in even the slowest economy