Finding Your Crack In The Market: Secrets to Marketing Niche Dominance and Small Business Success…




Finding a crack in a market is the primary reason small businesses create wealth for owners. Most business owners spend time on efficiency, customer service or people management, not understanding that they literally need to become the leader in tiny market cracks to create the additional margin profits that fund growth and other management solutions. Finding Your Crack In The Market is the first book written to expose the principles that really create great small businesses . . . and they are not the same as big corporations, for whom management books are generally written. This book focuses on the author’s three decades of research and on-the-job work with small sized clients, to uncover the real reasons for hyper success. The secret is in the way the company innovates products and services to create several small market cracks where they can be the market share leader. This allows increased margins and growth. This book carefully lays out each of the principles; together they allow a business to focus energies on what will be successful not what will be efficient. Ron Burgess has owned three of this own businesses, and worked as a full time consultant for over 30 years. His long term clients have grown much faster than their respective general industries, in some cases over 1000%. Now, he shares what he has learned and taught.Finding Your Crack in the Market Secrets to Marketing Niche Dominance and Small Business Success