Instagram: 30 tips and core tactics to skyrocket your account from ZERO to powerful social business channel: Comple…



Yes, you can profit from your Instagram presence!

If you’re reading this book description let me congratulate you on taking the right steps to grow your business and increase positive exposure for your brand.

Instagram is showing zero signs of slowing down and will continue to grow in 2018 which makes it a serious consideration for your brand presence. Without a large following, however, you will have limited impact on this platform so it’s crucial to focus your efforts on expanding your reach.

This eBook contains proven steps and strategies on how to grow your Instagram account and build a powerful business channel to promote your brand.

Most of the tactics presented in this eBook touch on organic growth but I’ve included paid options as well to present a good mix of tools you can apply to be more successful. These tools are all at your fingertips and can grow your account super fast – faster than other people who grew theirs only by having learned effective tactics organically over a long period of time.

This book is a must-read for anyone who is seriously thinking about building a strong brand on Instagram that will bring in income and make you $$$. You get condensed knowledge that’s easy to digest and can be applied in no time, to help you replicate the success of other entrepreneurs.

Everything I know about Instagram doesn’t just come from textbook knowledge but from experience using the platform, my own observations of the most successful accounts and countless hours spent honing all of the skills involved in creating great content.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • how to craft a perfect BIO and ensure your Instagram account makes a great 1st impression
  • how to build an effective hashtag strategy to increase your content exposure
  • how you can create a new Instagram business without having your own content
  • ways to positively engage with people on Instagram in order to increase followers
  • how to effectively promote your Instagram account even when starting from zero or a low level.