Laser Focus SEO For Niche Sites Explained – How I Ranked my 19 sites to top 10 in Google Step by Step Guide…



Laser Focus SEO For Niche Sites Explained!

This book is the true story of a dream many of us have, yet so few attempt to bring to reality: creating and running your own business out of your house, and making a decent income from doing so. How?

Niche sites are meant to create ‘passive income’ – income from building a site, populating it with, say, 10 great articles on a specific topic: articles that are interesting and grab user’s attention, and using good SEO techniques on the site (optimize it for search engines so that, for instance, it appears near page 1 of Google results when people search on your topic.) Finally, place ads or affiliate codes on the site, and voila: income is generated whilst you sleep! But is it really that simple? Well answer is Yes and No. If you have the right tool and knowledge to use those tools than YES, it can be a simple 1-2-3 process that you rinse and repeat to success every time.

This book will show you step-by-step how I generate a decent income from niche sites. It isn’t difficult, even for non-technical people as I added a last chapter dedicated to technical terminology. No matter how technically-minded you are, you’ll have no trouble following these directions!

Even though I touched various aspect of Niche site building process in this book, I tried to keep my focus mostly on the SEO aspect of this process. As you will learn how SEO for niche sites can vastly differ from those of the authority type sites