Niche Marketing Expert: The Art of Selling to a Hungry Crowd (WebSkillsHub – Internet Marketing Tutorials Book 1)…



The Niche Marketing Expert provides a simple, step-by-step internet marketing strategy, that will quickly teach you how to start an internet business the right way.

Whether you are a complete internet marketing beginner, or you have been around the block a few times and are sick of all of the ‘get rich quick’ hype you are bombarded with online, you will find this practical book a breathe of fresh air.

It uses a combination of written explanation, and online video tutorials to teach you how to do the following:

1) How to find a niche to build an online business around.
2) How to get inside the heads of the people in your niche (i.e. your tribe).
3) How to craft messages that your tribe want to receive.
4) How to ethically gain the trust of your tribe so they gladly follow your lead.
5) How to use targeted email marketing to turn your tribe of loyal followers into repeat buyers.