Photo: Tomb, Saint Kassim ibn Abass, Shakh Zinde, Mausoleum of Akhmet Khodzha, Facade, c1865 . Size:…



Photograph Description: Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Grobnitsa sviatago Kussama ibni Abassa (Shakh-Zinde) i mavzolei pri nei. Mavozlei Akhmet-Khodzhi. Fasad Title Translation: Antiquities of Samarkand. Tomb of the Saint Kassim ibn Abass (Shakh Zinde) and adjacent mausoleums. Mausoleum of Akhmet Khodzha. Façade Creator(s): Bogaevskii, N. V., photographer Published: [between 1865 and 1872] Summary: Samarkand antiquities. The grave of the holy Kussam Ibn Abass (Shakh-Zinde) and the Mausoleum. Trimming of the niche inside. 2 men under arch. Notes: Illus. in: Turkestanskii al’bom, chast’ arkheologicheskaia?, 1871-1872, part 1, vol. 1, pl. 47. Title from item. Subjects: Shah-i Zindah–Uzbekistan–Samarqand–1860-1880. Tombs & sepulchral monuments–Uzbekistan–Samarqand–1860-1880. Archaeological sites–Uzbekistan–Samarqand–1860-1880. Doors & doorways–Uzbekistan–Samarqand–1860-1880. Albumen prints–1860-1880. Related Digital Items: album in which print is mounted- Real Kodak Photograph created using professional Kodak equipment & paper – Archival Quality Reproduction, not a digital or inkjet copy on cheap paper – Satisfaction Guaranteed


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