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New 2013 Niche Marketing Strategies For Making Money Online

Discover how the fusion of influence psychology and innovative authority building techniques has cracked the post-Panda social media marketing code. Learn powerful content marketing and authority building techniques, and why authority-based niche forums are the best opportunities for a profitable online business today.

Step-by-step, with an over the shoulder approach, this book blends everything you need to know into a single source guide to get you started making money online with an easy to run micro niche forum.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to get authority, and why you must have it to succeed
  • Why small forums are the best online opportunity since 2012
  • Why small niche blogs are now almost guaranteed to fail
  • The two social skills required for authority–and how to get them
  • Killer strategies for growing your audience quickly
  • How to identify problems that need to be solved
  • Finding solutions people need with crowd sourcing
  • 5 Essential Requirements for a successful online community
  • How to start your community with just a few people you know
  • Prosper without Google PR or top search results
  • Top 7 Reasons online communities fail, and how to prevent them
  • How to know the right size for a niche
  • How to get great content for free
  • Learn how to estimate how many members you need to succeed
  • How to find discussion topics that people want to see
  • How to keep followers and members coming back
  • No-fail hot topics you can use with confidence
  • How to get noticed by the press
  • Why niche forums are now more profitable than ever
  • The secret to getting advertisers coming back for more
  • More ways to monetize your forum
  • Easy guide to setting up your forum, written by the tech wiz who did it
  • How to make your Facebook page liked
  • Twitter strategies that elevate you to people that matter
  • Why you shouldn’t use conventional Facebook strategies with a micro niche forum
  • Successful contests online with prizes people love– that cost you nothing
  • Offline promotion strategies that get you noticed by the right people

Readers Bonus

Book readers get instant access to the author and his forum members in a special members-only book buyers section. Got a question? Ask Doc, or any of the other experts. It’s free, and your special link is in the book.

Who Should Read This Book

Stop wasting time with low traffic blogs. Anyone can learn how to start a profitable online niche forum business for less than $300 with this book. It is full of real world examples of how to get a fast start, and what you need to get traffic. Nothing is held back, including my personal story of how getting banned from a local forum inspired me to start my own.

About the Author

“I started making money online only after I was banned from a local forum”

Doc Souza owns and operates Elk Grove Laguna Forums in Elk Grove, CA, a suburb of Sacramento. Three years ago Doc was banned from a local forum where he had become the most prolific poster in the ten year history of that forum. Within one hour, he was online with his own, with rules of engagement and transparency that got him noticed fast.

Starting with just a few friends, together they built a thriving online community with nearly 1,000 members and dozens of happy advertisers.

Doc is married with two sons, coaches soccer, and lives the good life on and offline. He loves a good debate, and is a friend to his online community.