Self Publishing Mastery: How To Write A #1 Bestseller, Build A Brand, Dominate Your Niche & Outperform Your Competi…



Discover How to Use Self-Publishing To Capture New Audiences Eager to Pay For Your Next Story!

The self-publishing dragon flies high in the sky, seemingly going where it wants, when it wants. Here’s a secret: that’s not quite true. You see, there are ways to control the dragon, steering that magnificent beast where you want to go.

In Self-Publishing Mastery, Justin Chua doesn’t just show you how to steer the proverbial self-publishing dragon…

He teaches you how to ride it.

Elevate your stories to a new level
Within the pages of this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to sculpt an eager audience who yearns for your next book (Why let those established self-pubbers have all of the fun?)
  • The real way to know when to write a sequel (and when to let a well-loved story enjoy retirement on the beach)
  • The best platforms to use for your self-publishing journey
  • How to turn sizzling stories into ongoing sales (without feeling like an extra on Boiler Room)
  • A consistent way to overcome the roadblocks that keep your dreams from turning into a reality

If you take no action, nothing happens. You will remain a reader instead of becoming an author. Don’t leave it to chance. Justin Chua’s frontline, in-the-trenches experience will allow you to harness the power of the self-publishing dragon for a lifetime.

Pick up a copy of Self-Publishing Mastery today, the premiere guide on start-to-finish, consistent, and profitable self-publishing.