SEO – Simplified: Search Engine Optimization made easy to understand …



Finally SEO made simple. A guide to understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimization. 2016 edition, made easier to grasp the concept of SEO

Do you need help when it comes to understanding SEO?
Are you confused by Search engine optimization and looking for a simple book to help you?
Or just simply curious about SEO?

If you ever felt silly or lost in the world of SEO i don’t blame you. With the complexity of information available it is no wonder people fear the 3 letters ‘SEO’. It is an area that has been overcomplicated by too many gurus who do not understand not everyone understand these techy expressions. Some people just want a simplified format that enables them to digest the information.

This ebook will provide you with a simple and easy to understand format of what SEO is

I know I know SEO is simply too techy ….but give it a chance and see if you can take something away….you never know