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Automatically Finds Instant Profitable Keywords

Creates The World’s Best 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Automatically Syndicates To High PR Sites

Skyrockets Your Videos To Page 1 Of Google And YouTube

Take It From Our Students Who Have Been Crushing It Since Day 1 With Video Wave

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Video Wave Pro

We have created several million dollar businesses and have been in the online marketing space for the last 12 years with over 100,000 satisfied customers from all over the world.

Our decade of proven video marketing experience has taken our own videos, our client’s videos – and many of our student’s videos right to the top of Google and YouTube over and over again…

Now what we’re about to reveal to you below is the EXACT PROVEN FORMULA showing you how we are able to get an avalanche of tens of thousands of FREE laser targeted visitors to our videos…

…While creating a 5-6 figure a month business in the process. WITHOUT having to build a website or own any products and WITHOUT having any tech skills or experience.

All of this happens from using the most powerful (yet super simple to use) all in one video marketing solution ever created (we know that’s a bold claim, but stick with us as we’re about to prove it to you).

How A Simple 3 Step Formula Forces Google To Rank Your Videos Page 1 Every Time

Look, you probably know the drill by now…

You desperately need to build and rank a web site to finally start making some commissions online.

You do what the gurus preach. You do all the research and pick some long-tail keywords to target (they don’t have much traffic, but at least there’s not much competition, right?).

You set up a niche site around the keywords. Now comes the unique content and it’s time to throw some back links at it (YAWNNNN).

You’ve literally applied everything the “so called” search engine ranking experts have written, and you always make sure you’re always following Google’s latest guidelines to the letter.

Many days have now passed, and you still find your glorious web site either no-where to be found in Google, or making you jack squat, zilch, nada…

Sucks pretty bad right? Well don’t beat yourself up about it because it’s not your fault.

And we know exactly how it feels because we’ve been in your shoes in the past! We couldn’t figure out why we kept failing until one day we realized…

The solution was actually staring right in front of our faces the whole time!

With Google’s latest algorithm updates, it had become easier than ever to rank a video page one on Google, especially in comparison to a web site.

And if you don’t already know, it’s pretty obvious Google has made it hard as hell to rank web sites nowadays, so it’s no wonder you haven’t been seeing any real life changing success.

BUT here’s the kicker…

Google OWNS YouTube. They verifiably want as much traffic to YouTube as possible.

The Very Same Loophole Has Allowed Us And Our Students To Get Incredible Results Like This…

Video Wave creates these amazing webcam style videos, 3D animation videos and slideshow videos within seconds.

The Above Results Literally Took About
5 Minutes Of Actual Work…

You might have guessed this already from the screenshots above… but we haven’t bothered ranking traditional web sites in months.

Because now we’ve proven that it’s so much EASIER to get a ton of free hungry buyer traffic with VIDEOS instead of websites!

We discovered this big profitable insight by taking one little leap of logic:

What if, instead of trying to get traffic to our own sites, we tried to send traffic to EXACTLY where Google wanted it to go?

Now we’re never going to be presidents of the Google fan club, but let’s be honest… you don’t become the world’s biggest search engine company by being stupid.

And while we could spend all day talking about the precise SEO theory’s…

The fact of the matter is, we’re all busy people that lead busy lives, so we’re just going to cut all the fluff and get right to the chase.

Results like the ones we’re showing you on top of the proof you’ve already seen, PROVES our method flat out WORKS like clockwork!

 Video Wave Pro

With These Same Simple Techniques That We Apply To Our Videos, We Constantly Get Multiple Page 1 Rankings Like This…

You Can Literally Start Getting These Same Type Of Results In Just Minutes From Now…

Make Easy 4 Figure Pay Days By Promoting Other People’s Products With Video Wave!

Look, Google loves three simple things based on our own results, as well as the endless results from our clients and students…

Unique videos that are posted on YouTube.

Social signals to make the video look natural and popular.

Videos that are syndicated to the top video sharing sites.

Get all these working for you, and your videos will be charging up
the SERPs like an angry rhino…

We Still Had One Major Problem!

There was nothing on the market to automate all the profitable videos that we needed created, uploaded, and ranked page one on Google and YouTube fast… We had NO WAY to automate our formula for instant success.

In fact, it would often take us days, sometimes even weeks just to create a good animated affiliate based video.

When we first started building and ranking videos, we had to spend days at a time just to find keywords that were easy to rank for.

We would then have to manually post each individual video to the top social bookmarking sites, and then tediously manually syndicate them to the top video sharing sites (not to mention doing everything else in between for getting our videos ranked to the top of Google).

And even after all those time consuming tasks, some videos still wouldn’t make us any money at all!



Imagine the ability to uncover and see under the radar profitable keywords with minimal competition that are super easy to rank for.

Now picture yourself targeting those hungry buyers with breathtaking 2D and 3D animated videos, created with drag-n-drop technology in just a few minutes, without having to know a single thing about animation or video editing.

What if you knew you could have your videos automatically shared to the top social bookmarking sites, and syndicated to all the top video sharing sites at the push of a button, would that excite you?

I mean, how would it really feel for you to be able to generate 4 to 5 figures per month consistently month in, month out… with these unique affiliate videos (without any guesswork or extra work on your end)?

Just take a second to think about that…

We’re guessing you’d be able to sit back, relax… and watch the tsunami of free traffic and sales come in all on autopilot, WITHOUT having to spend another dime on advertising, and WITHOUT EVER having to spend days or weeks trying to build and rank a site manually again.

Simple… Push A Few Buttons. Let It Do All The Work For Me. Make Me Money, And Build My Business On Complete Autopilot…


Video Wave

Our revolutionary Video Wave software suite lets you find hundreds of easy to rank for keywords, build out breath-taking 2D & 3D animated videos around them… and then rank them page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks!

The Best Part Is That You Can Be Ranking Videos & Making Commissions In Just Minutes From Now!

Video Wave Does Everything For You In Just A
Few Simple Steps:


Video Wave Is The Only Web Based Tool That Will Research, Build and Rank Your Videos Page One On Complete Autopilot 24/7

100% Set & Forget

Video Wave is cloud based, simply log in, select your keyword, build your video and let it do the rest for you.

Never Worry About Traffic Again

Video Wave will drive hoards of free traffic by automatically syndicating your video to the top social bookmarks and video sharing sites with one click.

All In One Video Creator

Video Wave will build out the most amazing cutting edge 2D & 3D animated videos with simple drag-n-drop technology.

Massive Library In Your Arsenal

Video Wave comes with a pre-made gallery of epic characters, animations, backgrounds, 600+ royalty free images, sounds, video clips and much more.

Get Traffic & Sales In Just Mere Minutes

Rank your videos page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks.

No More Keyword Research Needed

Video Wave automatically tells you the most relevant, buyer related, low competition, easy to rank keywords in one click.

Here is How Video Wave is going to have you ranked page one on Google and load up your affiliate account with commissions
(in the next 24 hours from now)


Video Wave lets you find hundreds of easy to rank for keywords, build out breath-taking 2D & 3D animated videos around them… and then rank them page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks! There’s no guesswork or manual work needed, it’s all done for you with just a few clicks.


Video Wave is built in with special 3D Hollywood animation movie style characters and scenes, giving you the full flexibility to add “voice over” or “text to speech” to characters, completely editable and customizable. The characters were created in studio with “motion capture technology” so they look and feel like real life. This is not available in any other software on the market.


Here’s Just A Few “5 Second Samples” Out Of The Hundreds Of Variations Inside Video Wave…


Never waste time building videos from scratch again. Video Wave has done all that hard work for you already. Packed with high converting templates, scenes, characters, animations, backgrounds, hundreds of royalty free images, sounds, and video clips… you simply pick anything you like in our library – and you’re done!


Keep full control of your videos by having the full flexibility of being able to edit, trim, customize, import, record and add text, shapes, drawings plus audios to your videos easily.


Video Wave is the only software on the market to be built in with text to speech technology, giving you the ability to convert text to speech video into 8 different languages automatically with one click, allowing you to reach global audiences… increasing your sales on complete autopilot!


You never have to spend all day doing keyword research ever again. Simply type in a keyword about your video and then Video Wave automatically tells you the most relevant, buyer related, low competition, easy to rank keywords in one click.


Video Wave will rank your videos page 1 of Google and YouTube through the power of social signals and mass video syndication networks. You can start enjoying unlimited free traffic from Google, without ever having to spend a dime on advertising again.


Video Wave works on all computers, tablets and mobile devices. There’s nothing to install, download or host to get started. You simply login to the cloud based application online and you’re good to go.

“GUYS! That Sounds Freakin’ Amazing! But I’ve Already Given Away My First-Born Son… What Can You Do For Me?”


We’ve all seen those bits of software for ridiculous prices like $97/month… So what’s our considered professional opinion as Internet marketing specialists? Screw. That.

We’re going to make you an offer that’ll make our accountant cry.

Because you simply can’t put a value on this.

I mean, can you put a value on being able to rank any video you want, even for really competitive, high-traffic keywords?

Can you put a value on going into work every day, knowing you won’t have to be there for much longer? That’s priceless.

You Get Instant Access To A Real $2685 Value Offer For A Small Measly Onetime Payment Of Only $67!

And don’t forget this…

If you try putting our system to work manually, it’ll be painfully tough…

You’d have to spend many days trying to find good profitable easy to rank for keywords (whereas with Video Wave, it finds these keywords all for you in just a matter of seconds).

Then you’d have to spend days going through the technical process of creating a video from scratch with different tools (whereas Video Wave’s simplistic interface allows you to create cutting edge videos in just minutes).

Then you’d have to spend endless hours trying to get backlinks to the video just to try get it ranked. (This is all now done for you with just one click within Video Wave).

Could you hire someone to do all of this for you?

Well you could… But you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars and almost certainly be left hoping that everyone’s doing their jobs correctly, and wondering if it’s ever going to work.

Now I Want You To Picture All Of That Work Shrinking Down To A Tiny Pebble… And Then Watching All Of That Hope Disappearing For Good!

Because with Video Wave… you don’t need hope, or wondering, or any of that nonsense…

All that hoping and wondering soon turns into…

Thousands of your dollars!

And what once took months or more of effort…

…Can now DISSAPEAR into literal MINUTES of push-button ease.

Because with Video Wave, you’ve got a surefire way of succeeding, WITHOUT having…

  • To create your own product
  • To buy another course
  • To ever build a site again
  • To have any tech skills or experience
  • To spend another dime on advertising

You need NOTHING but Video Wave and the desire to press “GO” to make it all happen

And so we’ve shown you, step by step and in full detail, EXACTLY how it’s going to work for you.

There’s no magic tricks here… no weird secrets…

Just the simple, powerful, smart automation inside Video Wave… waiting to go to work for you and earn you the type of passive income you’ve always dreamed about.

ATTENTION: This special discounted price will end as soon as the countdown timer goes to zero. Make the investment NOW, get set up and ready to instantly profit with Video Wave.


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The Price Will Increase Rapidly As Soon As The Timer Hits Zero

Look, Video Wave is worth way more than $67. It cost us literally tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to create this proven powerhouse app…

…And when you consider that just one video takes minutes to build and rank using the software, and taking into account that each video could generate $100 to $200+ per day on autopilot…

…A small onetime payment of $67 is ridiculous to say the least.

Would you trade a small onetime payment like this to put an end to the frustration, the stress, and the anxiety that comes from the daily grind and the struggle to make money?

And just to make sure you have NO EXCUSE not to at least try Video Wave out, we’re going to take full responsibility for your success right here, right now with our…

Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Look, Video Wave is PROVEN to work for you… you’ve seen the results yourself. That’s why we’re able to offer you an unbreakable 30 day money back guarantee.

Try the product for 30 days and if it isn’t the best investment you’ve ever made towards your financial future, or if you’re just having a bad hair day, we’ll give you a full refund back, no questions asked.

Video Wave is:

  • 100% Risk Free
  • Has No Monthly or Hidden Fees!

We Always Set Out To Deliver Amazing Value…

Not only do you get access to all of the above, but also we’ve got 3 super awesome bonuses for you that will help you bring out the full power of Video Wave (and really turn your auto-pilot income up a notch).

Remember, these bonuses are only going to be here for a limited time due to the time sensitive nature of them. Get them while you can, or you’re out of luck!

BONUS #1: Access To SEO Catalyst Application
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Imagine being able to post themed unique articles from one central dashboard to multiple blogs, and then instantly create natural links from your own private themed blog networks with just one click… SEO Catalyst allows you to do this easily, as well as embed your videos… making it super simple to schedule your SEO link building activities, putting your video ranking campaigns on steroids!

BONUS #2: Full Live Training Webinar
($197 Value)

We’re not the type of people to just give you the most powerful video software suite on the face of the planet and leave you hanging. At this one time EXCLUSIVE live webinar event, you’ll learn the latest tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques needed to get started with our Video Wave suite (and really put your profits through the roof fast). You can also ask us anything live on call – and as skilled experts in our craft – we’ll be there to answer your questions.

BONUS #3: Mystery Boxes (Unlimited Value)

As a very special gift to you, we’re including exclusive access to several super-secret, super-powerful insider resources, training materials, and trade secrets never before released to the public! If you’ve ever wanted to learn our most closely guarded video marketing secrets, this is your one chance to get them!
Best of all, exclusive access is 100% FREE!



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The point is this: if you don’t get Video Wave NOW you WILL regret it LATER big time.

When you start seeing how everyone else succeeded with Video Wave, ranking and banking at will… while you’re still stuck, frustrated and stressed out… grinding away and accomplishing absolutely nothing, you’ll be kicking yourself hard.

Maybe you’ll even look at one of our future testimonials and think…
“Hey, that could have been me…”

What matters right now is you finally have the chance to take advantage of what could be your first and biggest breakthrough online.

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The bottom line is this: Video Wave flat out WORKS. You’ve seen some of our results, and you’ve seen the results our newbie students were able to get too.

Nothing else on the market is as PROVEN and as EASY to work for you as this.

So Click the Buy Button Below and get everything you need to create a 4 to 5 figure monthly passive income stream online starting TODAY.

There’s no doubt that Video Wave is by far the most complete, best all in one video builder and ranking tool on the market today.

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Are you really telling me you want to pay $100+ more… for no reason?

Right now, this one time offer is at the lowest price it will EVER be. Miss out now, and your chance isn’t ever coming back.

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This is a limited time launch offer. You won’t be seeing this product at this price again.

P.P.S. You have two options staring at you right now… you can either go at this thing alone, where you’ll be left struggling to figure this all out, no doubt losing money and wasting valuable time.


You can take advantage of our offer, as well as our awesome bonuses and special launch discount… And finally, start experiencing the sweet smell of success when you dominate Google and YouTube page 1 listings at will (exploding your affiliate or vendor income with push button ease).

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