The Best of The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week of 2015…



Here’s the perfect PR tool for small business owners, a nonprofit that needs publicity, indie uthors who want to sell more books, or anyone who wants to self-promote on a shoestring budget and without an expensive publicist.

It’s “The Best of The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week of 2015,” an ebook that includes 24 of the best tips from the popular twice-a-week emails that Joan Stewart sends to more than 6,000 subscribers. You’ll find do-it-yourself tips for beginners and advanced marketers. This handy book include:

Book Publishing, Marketing & Publicity for Fiction and Nonfiction:
–Where to find a list of 300+ indie book reviewers.
–Ideas for taking book marketing “baby steps” instead of trying to do everything at once.
–An easy addition to your marketing that will help you find the ideal readers for your fiction or nonfiction..
–How to create your own clever “book hook” that will get you booked on radio shows.
–The Number 1 marketing strategy to learn NOW to sell more books (most authors aren’t doing this).
–Where to find thousands of readers in your book’s target market, even for fiction.

Content Creation Tools & Tips
–Where to find step-by-step directions on how to write for 11 Mega-sites like Huffington Post, Inc. and Fast Company.
–How to get your hands on 23 free guides, templates, worksheets and infographics that will make creating content a lot easier.
–A free tool that will let you create a personality quiz. Use it as a lead magnet in exchange for an email address.
Radio Publicity & Promotion Strategy
–A free tool that will help you get booked on radio shows.

Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn Tips:
–What to do on Fridays that will endear your social media friends, followers and fans to you.
–Why obscure holidays go viral on social media, and how to create your own holiday or day, week or month of the year.
–Where the gold is buried on Pinterest and how find the treasure chest.

Free PR Tools & Techniques for Small Business:
–Fun tool where you can access images of old comic book covers in the public domain, for use at your blog or in your marketing materials.
–Powerful free tool that will help you write A+ headlines.
–Where to find cheat sheets, checklists and best practices for promoting your event.
–A super-fun free image tool that will let you create a photo that makes it look like you’re on a big TV news segment.

Pitching an Idea to Local & National Media
–How to score points when pitching book or product reviewers and set yourself apart from everyone else pitching.
–How to tie into today’s day’s hot news, also known as newsjacking, when you want publicity.
–The very best FREE online media database.
–A series of checklists that will help you pitch journalists, bloggers and influencers.
–A top publicist’s excellent reason why you should pitch small radio stations and magazines on niche topics.

Get Onto High-Traffic Blogs:
–The first thing you must do before you pitch a blogger.
–How to find the top blogs in your niche so you can pitch an idea or offer a guest post.

Publicity Examples Galore!
Many of the tips in this book include publicity examples of how others self-promote successfully.

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