The Innovative Sale: Unleash Your Creativity for Better Customer Solu…




When it comes to strategies, salespeople usually veer toward one of two extremes: operating analytically…or by the seat of their pants. In this groundbreaking book on sales creativity, readers will learn how to integrate the right-brain aptitude for innovation with the left-brain affinity for logic and process. The result is a fresh, dynamic approach that addresses customers’ needs while expanding the salesperson’s entire way of thinking. Packed with real-life examples and powerful principles, The Innovative Sale reveals how to:

– Define the sales challenge

– Question assumptions and look for ways to reframe the problem

– Mine unrelated situations for fresh solutions

– Get comfortable with feeling lost as you explore new directions

– Break some rules and learn to “grow with the flow”

The Innovative Sale draws on the work of pioneering geniuses in design, architecture, and the arts to help salespeople develop a predictable creative process. With the tools and tips of this game-changing book in hand, they’ll unleash their own unique powers of intuition and innovation, and land more sales than ever before–in ways they never imagined possible.