The Internet Dragons Of Asia: Success Stories of the Top Asian Internet Entrepreneurs…



We’ve all heard the countless stories, strategies and claims to fame of a homeless American guy turned millionaire online overnight or that humble British dude with 5 kids who left his job and made a million with a system he stumbled upon. These stories are everywhere; across the road, down the street and over the pond. They fill us with envy, sometimes wisdom, sometimes they even inspire us to make our own fortune or give us working strategies to model and copy. Either way, even if these stories make you roll your eyes, they show us what we as human beings are capable of.
Asians are awesome at stuff. That’s what my best friend says. The way they play poker, the way they do martial arts, their discipline and their innovation is actually incredible to watch. Of course, this is a generalisation and as a human race we can all share these gifts. However, China itself is becoming a greater global influence than you know. The forecast is that China will rival the U.S. as a global superpower by 2020.Why? Because, for one – it knows how to make money. The dragon is a symbol of power and opulence in China and it represents wealth and success. Today, I want to show you the main people, just like you, that went from being an ordinary broke worker to a dragon. You’ve seen and heard how we guys do it… now it’s time to see how the dragons do it. One simple idea or approach to online marketing that turned them into superstars… introducing the very best of the best in online entrepreneurship.
Here’s some of the things you’ll learn in the book:
– Amazing facts about the top 10 Asian online super earners
– profitable but simple ideas that exploded
– what some people go through to make it to the top and become masters
– the life stories of the absolute best dragons that exist
– shocking outcomes of shocking online ideas
– tips and tricks that you can apply to make yourself more successful right now
– What makes an online entrepreneur go from zero to hero
– What the top 1 % do that you don’t that makes the difference
…and much more…