The Utlimate Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint: Chiropractic Marketing…



Chiropractic marketing has dramatically changed over the past couple of years. If you’re not staying current with these trends, then undoubtedly you’re going to get left behind.. and your competitors are going to get the lion’s share of new patients.

If you’re looking for the most current chiropractic marketing strategies to easily attract new patients, then this e-book is for you. While most chiropractic marketing ‘courses’ will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can learn all of the most powerful fundamentals to build your practice in this concise and well-organized e-book.

This e-book goes into depth on marketing your practice on the internet and integrating your website with off line marketing strategies. Here’s the table of contents:

Chapter 1 The Inner Game of A Prosperous Practice
Chapter 2 Clarifying Your USP: The Foundation of Success with Ease
Chapter 3 Your Marketing Plan: Getting Your Systems In Place
Chapter 4 Your Practice Website– The Epicenter of Your Marketing Plan
Chapter 5 Search Engine Optimization: Getting Long-Term Exposure Online
Chapter 6– Lead Generation 101 ~ Your Secret Marketing Weapon
Chapter 7– The Secrets of Email Marketing that Works
Chapter 8 How to Easily Create Your Free Lead Magnet
Chapter 9 Take Your Practice to the Next Level By Blogging
Chapter 10 Online Video Marketing: Showcase Your Practice on Youtube
Chapter 11 How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Build Your Practice
Chapter 12 How Advertising Really Works to Get More Patients
Chapter 13 The Word of Mouth Referral Generation System
Chapter 14 Networking Your Way to a Full Practice
Chapter 15 Public Speaking: Educate Your Community and Get Patients
Chapter 16 Joint Ventures: Setting up Cross-Referral Systems

Most chiropractors struggle because they aren’t getting enough front-end exposure for their practice. This happens because most chiropractic schools do not adequately train doctors how to market their practice. This simple e-book has been created to provide you with the most important and cutting edge skills to reach your practice goals within the next year.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ to building your practice. If you’re ready to take action, then this e-book will give you a clear, straightforward approach that will eliminate any and all confusion about how to get new patients in the door.

Now is the time to take advantage of the internet and maximize your presence in your local community!

Kevin Doherty is the president of Dream Practice Coaching and has been a marketing coach for chiropractors since 2006. He is the author of Build Your Dream Practice and The Purpose Principle.