Time-Saving Strategy On Social Media Marketing (A Guideline From Semalt)


Time-Saving Strategy On Social Media Marketing (A Guideline From Semalt)


Time-Saving Strategy On Social Media Marketing (A Guideline From Semalt)
The usual answers to how one ensures that social marketing receives ample attention and time are to delegate, outsource, and automate. However, all of these actions take up resources that business may need for other tasks.

Artem Abgarian, the leading expert from Semalt Digital Services, shares the valuable and effective social media marketing strategy you should consider.

How Much Needs to Get Done?

All social media channels are tools. If an individual builds their reputation using the different mediums available, there is a high probability that the people encountered will follow back. One thing to note is that social media success does not depend on the number of followers a channel has, since only a small proportion of them may have the remote interest in what one has to offer.
Scale the Business and Not the Social Media Presence

The most successful entrepreneurs learn to teach their success to others. Teaching is an excellent way to scale the business. One can either run courses or set themselves as consultants to teach. Others like Sam Ovens, combine both methods. Consulting and running courses serve as the ultimate ways to spread the message and grow wealth.

Social media cost nothing to market a business. It is also an easy medium to use. However, if it does not show any results, the user should discontinue its use. As an entrepreneur, it is important to spend time on social media to connect with leads and customers. However, it needs to be a highly focused activity, that only engages with possible leads and not random followers.

The Great Misconception with Social Media Leads

Social media icons allow users be interested in the entrepreneur or their products to see what they post but never what the owner does. All followers that have never shown a passing interest do not count as leads. Worse is that most of the reactions are a waste of time as they are the work of automated bots. Finally, social media experts at SocialMediaToday.com show that social media channels do not have high conversion rates. There is no point of spending copious amounts of time on social media if contacts never get to see the post.
Converting Social Media Leads into Sales

The answer to converting social media leads into sales is as time-consuming as any other business task that leads to increased sales. Following back, retweeting, and similar actions are bound not to bear fruit. Businesses should not spend much time on the same. The answer lies in genuine interaction. A suitable way to convert “Likes” and “Follows” is to contact respondents by email or phone. One may opt to delegate these duties to the sales team.

Taming the Social Marketing Beast

Most social media “experts” know that it may be impossible to commit several hours of a day to social marketing. The idea behind this is to sell their automation products as the only solution to fitting everything into the day’s schedule. Social media acts as a tool to build awareness, and as a marketing channel. If the only objective of engaging in social media is to convert followers into buyers, then it is high time to reconsider the time spent on the channel as it is not worth the time and effort.