Top 10 Tricks to Conquer Your Niche with WordPress!…



Nowadays, websites of all kinds are out there, and it may seem like there’s no use trying to compete with the “big boys” online.

You can! David Pankhurst will show you how your site, no matter how small, can go head to head with the other websites on the Internet, using the power of WordPress.

Whether you sell a product or service, want to make a name for yourself online, or would even like to explore the lucrative world of affiliate sales, a WordPress blog can make your website simpler to run, flexible to change, and get you the visitors (and customers) you deserve!

Grouped into ten chapters, this guide is packed with insider tips and tricks on starting up a business online using WordPress, including:

– How to start your site with a great domain name

– Using keywords to bring in the visitors you want

– Making money with affiliate offers and ads

– Taking the mystery out of search engines (and why you MUST know how they work)

– How to get the ideal web hosting for your needs and budget

– The money-making power of email lists

– Setting up WordPress RIGHT the first time

– Mastering the tools you’ll need to maintain your website

– What a plugin is – and the best ones to use

– How to write for maximum impact on the Internet

A powerful tool for any online business, WordPress along with this guide will help YOU “Conquer Your Niche”!