Webinar Marketing Tools: An Uncommon Resource Guide to Reporting, Ana…



Increase Your Webinar Profits by Testing Your Webinar Sales Cycle

What if you figured out which email subject headline produced a 10X response
over another headline?

What if testing showed you which webinar registration landing page got you
a 50% percent registration increase?

Webinar promoter Mark Moses presents an introductory guide to webinar
analytics. The training you will receive in this guide will most definitely
help you increase your webinar sales.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to add testing to your webinar marketing
  • How to test the different stages of the webinar marketing process
  • Some very specific training, suggestions, and tips on how to improve on each KPI (key performance indicator)

Before you purchase, please understand that this guide is NOT a discourse on marketing analytics. It is an introduction to webinar analytics.

The guide is meant to be a resource on what you can test and offer tips on
how to improve your results on each of the testing variants.